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August 5, 2022

Vitalia Active Adult Community – Solon to Celebrate Back-to-School Season

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Author: Katie Metzger, Resident Services Director

At Vitalia Active Adult Community – Solon, we are always excited to celebrate the Back-to-School season! Partnering with local schools is typically a year-long effort, but there is a special focus on the time when most students are heading back to the classroom- whether in person or virtually. We have partnered with Wilcox Elementary. Our residents find it easy to relate to school outreach efforts as many of them can recall a time when they returned to school as well.

Fostering these relationships helps build a sense of community among students, teachers, residents, and staff. There are plenty of advantages to intergenerational activities- such as decreasing the social and economic isolation so many seniors feel. Research has shown that seniors’ health, memory, and balance can benefit from volunteering regularly with children. Not only do these relationships benefit the older generations, but also the younger ones as well. Studies have also shown that children who interact with elders are less likely than others to start illegal drug use, will more likely have improved communication with their parents, and are less likely to experience depression. Lastly, these experiences can create timeless memories for both the seniors and children involved, such as making a new friend, trying a new game or activity, or listening to stories of each other’s life.

We partnered with Wilcox Elementary this past year. We enjoyed donating books for Black History Month and for Autism Awareness Month. We also worked with Solon High School’s Young Hearts Club and their Senior-to-Senior Connections. Our residents are hoping to welcome students in person on their first day of school!

If you know a teacher, you know that they often use their personal funds to purchase items for the classroom. I would like to find a particular classroom in need and help buy items from their wish list. Once the wish list is determined, we will post a framed flier at the front desk. Our Acts of Service group chose this as August’s challenge, so they will be taking ownership of the project. 

We work with both Solon and Twinsburg School Districts, including multiple schools. We foresee supporting more students by attending sporting events, plays, and concerts, now that COVID restrictions have lightened.

Vitalia Active Adult Community – Solon will continue to show their support in a lot of different ways this Back-to-School season and throughout the school year.

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