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May 5, 2023

Vitalia Active Adult Community – Solon Encourages Intergenerational Relationships Between Children and Older Adults

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Author: Emily Greywacz, Resident Services Director

As we age, health becomes a major focus of our daily lives. We begin to think more about eating well, getting enough exercise, and keeping our minds active. But health is more than that – it also includes our relationships with others, specifically intergenerational relationships. 

According to an article in Press & News, there are the many benefits of intergenerational relationships between children and older adults.  

  • Children who spend time with older adults growing up are less ageist as they get older.  
  • It can prevent isolation and loneliness in older adults.  
  • It provides a perfect opportunity for young and old to learn from one another.  
  • It builds a stronger community.  
  • It gives older adults a sense of purpose and helps younger generations have a greater respect for and value of older adults.  
  • It helps keep stories and history alive within families and the greater community. 

At Vitalia Active Adult Community – Solon, we promote intergenerational relationships in many ways! As the Resident Services Director, I foster and create intergenerational programs by facilitating relationships with younger members of the community. We host many events that are open to kids and teens, such as our recent Easter egg hunt. Story Corner events allow residents to share their love of literature with children by reading books. We also partner with a local high school’s Young Hearts Club, an organization started by a student that brings student volunteers into our community.

The Young Hearts Club attends programs at our community once a month. They can be seen facing off against our very competitive chair volleyball team, participating in spa day, building gingerbread houses over the holidays, stretching in chair yoga class, and even receiving dating advice at Valentine’s Day. The residents love spending time with the youth of our local community. It is wonderful to see relationships build between the students and residents with each passing month. The residents love to spend time with the students and share stories of their teen years.

When observing the interactions between children and older adults, it’s easy to see how much older adults really have to offer to children, and vice versa! They share smiles, memories, information, and more. There are many benefits that come from these intergenerational relationships. The residents and students alike have so much to learn from each other. So much has changed since the residents were young. They light up when they get to share with the students what they were doing when they were that age. On the opposite side of the coin, the students entertain the residents with ever changing fashion trends and advancements in technology. When teens and children enter the community, the residents can’t help but smile. The residents look forward to any opportunity to have events with the youth of our community. This coming month, the residents will attend a local elementary school’s mystery reader program and have a game day with a local day care. 

Each of our communities works hard to foster intergenerational relationships and memorable experiences.   


Source: Engage at Every Age: The benefits of intergenerational relationships – Senior Community Services    

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