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Know that you’re home – and enjoy the perks beyond.\r\n\r\n
\r\n\r\nProviding options for seniors who are completely independent all the way to those who are afflicted with memory conditions, VITALIA® is prepared and excited to have you as a resident. With multiple apartment layouts and a slew of amenities and services, we know that you will feel right at home here in our community.\r\n\r\nWe want to dispel the idea that moving to a senior community means sacrificing your privacy. We aren’t your chaperones, we aren’t your nannies, we are your support system. We are here to serve you. Need a 5 AM wake-up call? We can do that, but only at your request. Bring your pet. Re-paint if you find a color you love. The personalization options are endless, but one thing is for sure – we will always respect your space.”, “_intro_content”: “field_5c817c68d9477” }, “align”: “center”, “mode”: “auto” } /–> <!– wp:acf/cardset { "id": "block_5c80535f791b5", "name": "acf\/cardset", "data": { "cards_style": "has-background", "_cards_style": "field_5c817fe33e63e", "cards_0_icon": 3072, "_cards_0_icon": "field_5c7d5cd64fdf0", "cards_0_title": "Independent Living", "_cards_0_title": "field_5c7d71caeb392", "cards_0_content": "

Freedom from responsibility. Live without worry. \r\n “, “_cards_0_content”: “field_5c672ba7b7c6e”, “cards_0_link”: “https:\/\/vitaliasolon.com\/residency\/independent-living\/”, “_cards_0_link”: “field_5c7d5d2a4fdf1”, “cards_0_link_text”: “Explore independent living.”, “_cards_0_link_text”: “field_5c7d5d314fdf2”, “cards_0_link_style”: “btn-primary”, “_cards_0_link_style”: “field_5c7d5d544fdf3”, “cards_0_footer”: “”, “_cards_0_footer”: “field_5c80543ba2fdb”, “cards_0_card_fancybox_mode”: “0”, “_cards_0_card_fancybox_mode”: “field_5c994c1a32e8a_field_5c9939bb7963b”, “cards_1_icon”: 3071, “_cards_1_icon”: “field_5c7d5cd64fdf0”, “cards_1_title”: “Assisted Living”, “_cards_1_title”: “field_5c7d71caeb392”, “cards_1_content”: “

All the perks of home. And the support you deserve.”, “_cards_1_content”: “field_5c672ba7b7c6e”, “cards_1_link”: “https:\/\/vitaliasolon.com\/residency\/assisted-living\/”, “_cards_1_link”: “field_5c7d5d2a4fdf1”, “cards_1_link_text”: “Explore assisted living.”, “_cards_1_link_text”: “field_5c7d5d314fdf2”, “cards_1_link_style”: “btn-primary”, “_cards_1_link_style”: “field_5c7d5d544fdf3”, “cards_1_footer”: “Monthly fees starting at $4,430*”, “_cards_1_footer”: “field_5c80543ba2fdb”, “cards_1_card_fancybox_mode”: “0”, “_cards_1_card_fancybox_mode”: “field_5c994c1a32e8a_field_5c9939bb7963b”, “cards_2_icon”: 3070, “_cards_2_icon”: “field_5c7d5cd64fdf0”, “cards_2_title”: “Memory Care”, “_cards_2_title”: “field_5c7d71caeb392”, “cards_2_content”: “

Expert care and support when you need it most. “, “_cards_2_content”: “field_5c672ba7b7c6e”, “cards_2_link”: “https:\/\/vitaliasolon.com\/residency\/memorycare\/”, “_cards_2_link”: “field_5c7d5d2a4fdf1”, “cards_2_link_text”: “Explore memory care living.”, “_cards_2_link_text”: “field_5c7d5d314fdf2”, “cards_2_link_style”: “btn-primary”, “_cards_2_link_style”: “field_5c7d5d544fdf3”, “cards_2_footer”: “”, “_cards_2_footer”: “field_5c80543ba2fdb”, “cards_2_card_fancybox_mode”: “0”, “_cards_2_card_fancybox_mode”: “field_5c994c1a32e8a_field_5c9939bb7963b”, “cards”: 3, “_cards”: “field_5c672ba1b7c6d”, “block_insert_accent_image”: “0”, “_block_insert_accent_image”: “field_5ca4ba0da2c1b”, “block”: “”, “_block”: “field_5ca4e5a3e5a54” }, “align”: “center”, “mode”: “preview” } /–>

An entire community right outside your apartment door 

Your apartment isn’t all you’re getting when you move into VITALIA®. Your rent affords you immediate access to all the services and amenities our community has to offer. Experience a new level of independence and expand your horizons by enjoying:

  • Restaurant
  • Private Dining
  • Fitness Center
  • Library
  • Movie Theater
  • Outdoor Grounds
  • and more!

A dining experience that satisfies and excites.

It’s more than just a meal! Our restaurant is open daily from 7 AM to 7 PM and offers an entire menu featuring daily specials, breakfast all day, and a variety of sandwiches, salads, sides, entrees, and desserts.

What about Sir Caramel the Fuzzy?

Got pets? No problem! VITALIA® is a pet-friendly community!

Many seniors worry that moving to a community like VITALIA® means they will have to give up their beloved companion. Well, we believe pets make life better, plain and simple, and we look forward to welcoming yours as part of our family! Not just because we want to hug them and squish their adorable little faces (and we do!) – but because we believe that pets deserve dignity, care, and love. Not only are we pet-friendly, but we offer pet care services for those who need a little assistance in taking care of their furry family members.


6050 Kruse Drive

Solon, OH 44139

Arrow Senior Living serves and employs individuals of all faiths, regardless of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age or handicap, except as limited by state and federal law.