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I’m looking for senior living for a loved one.\r\n\r\n
\r\n\r\nWe believe that transparency builds trust. That’s why we have packed in as much information about our lifestyles and programming as we can think of. We realize, though, that you need specific information for your search, and we want to be sure you have direct access to what you are looking for. Researching senior living is hard enough without having to fumble around a million menus to find where you need to go.\r\n\r\nThat’s why we created this roadmap.\r\n\r\nOur hope is that you come away from our website with a comprehensive understanding of the services and amenities The Fremont provides to residents. Living at The Fremont is about more than fancy apartments – we include a wide range of services and amenities as part of the monthly fee, and, honestly, many of the features and benefits aren’t measurable in a traditional sense. Things like joy, contentment, engagement, fulfillment. Those are our goals, and everything we do is directed at maximizing the heath and wellness of residents.”, “_intro_content”: “field_5c817c68d9477” }, “align”: “”, “mode”: “auto” } /–>

Let’s begin by setting the stage – what kinds of services are provided as part of the cost of living at The Fremont? The Fremont Senior Living is a full-service community with a focus on holistic care. We offer an expansive dining program, a wide variety of services, and personalized care plans. Learn more by following the links below:

Now that you have some context about the services that are included in the monthly rates, take a look at our lifestyle options! The Fremont has a full continuum of care, meaning residents have priority access to any other lifestyle should they need it. If you’re not sure which one is the right fit, this would be a good time to reach out to us!

Up to this point, we have been focused on what is included at The Fremont. In this section, we want to turn to why. Our mission is to provide for the whole person – physical, mental, social, spiritual, and emotional. The lifestyle, social life, and amenities are all geared toward this holistic idea of care.

Some people make quick decisions. Some take more time. We are here to meet your needs at your pace. Now that you’ve had the chance to explore, give us a call or stop in for a tour. We are available to answer any of your questions. No pressure. In fact, we know that The Fremont isn’t always the right fit – and that’s ok. We will help you find the right path, regardless.


6050 Kruse Drive

Solon, OH 44139

Arrow Senior Living serves and employs individuals of all faiths, regardless of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age or handicap, except as limited by state and federal law.