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Have you started talking to the cat… just to have someone to talk to?\r\n\r\n
\r\n\r\nFact: Human beings are social creatures that require human interaction to be healthy.\r\n\r\nWere you aware that continual loneliness is as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day? It’s true. When you’re lonely or feeling stir-crazy, it’s because your body is trying to tell you that you need to be around friends and family. They are real warning signs from your mind and body that you need to fulfill a biological need. \r\n\r\nVITALIA®’s calendar of events, entertainment, and excursions has YOU covered, balancing mind, body, and spirit. Community living gives you the opportunity to participate in what you want, when you want, and where you want. Find any number of things to do with your neighbors in the community, invite your friends and family to join you for events or a meal, or venture out into the world with us! Your days are yours.”, “_intro_content”: “field_5c817c68d9477” }, “align”: “”, “mode”: “auto” } /–> <!– wp:acf/cardset { "id": "block_5c915c3336dee", "name": "acf\/cardset", "data": { "cards_style": "standard", "_cards_style": "field_5c817fe33e63e", "cards_0_icon": 1205, "_cards_0_icon": "field_5c7d5cd64fdf0", "cards_0_title": "Entertainment", "_cards_0_title": "field_5c7d71caeb392", "cards_0_content": "

Take in a show!\r\nMovies, music, and live entertainment. Something to do every day!”, “_cards_0_content”: “field_5c672ba7b7c6e”, “cards_0_link”: “”, “_cards_0_link”: “field_5c7d5d2a4fdf1”, “cards_0_link_text”: “”, “_cards_0_link_text”: “field_5c7d5d314fdf2”, “cards_0_link_style”: “btn-link”, “_cards_0_link_style”: “field_5c7d5d544fdf3”, “cards_0_footer”: “”, “_cards_0_footer”: “field_5c80543ba2fdb”, “cards_0_card_fancybox_mode”: “0”, “_cards_0_card_fancybox_mode”: “field_5c994c1a32e8a_field_5c9939bb7963b”, “cards_1_icon”: 1208, “_cards_1_icon”: “field_5c7d5cd64fdf0”, “cards_1_title”: “Games”, “_cards_1_title”: “field_5c7d71caeb392”, “cards_1_content”: “

Your turn!\r\nLet’s get competitive. Challenge your neighbors or participate in one of our planned events!”, “_cards_1_content”: “field_5c672ba7b7c6e”, “cards_1_link”: “”, “_cards_1_link”: “field_5c7d5d2a4fdf1”, “cards_1_link_text”: “Learn More”, “_cards_1_link_text”: “field_5c7d5d314fdf2”, “cards_1_link_style”: “btn-link”, “_cards_1_link_style”: “field_5c7d5d544fdf3”, “cards_1_footer”: “”, “_cards_1_footer”: “field_5c80543ba2fdb”, “cards_1_card_fancybox_mode”: “0”, “_cards_1_card_fancybox_mode”: “field_5c994c1a32e8a_field_5c9939bb7963b”, “cards_2_icon”: 3135, “_cards_2_icon”: “field_5c7d5cd64fdf0”, “cards_2_title”: “Group Outings “, “_cards_2_title”: “field_5c7d71caeb392”, “cards_2_content”: “

Let’s go, together.\r\nWhat is that thing you always WANTED to do but never got around to? Want to go next Thursday? Let’s do it.”, “_cards_2_content”: “field_5c672ba7b7c6e”, “cards_2_link”: “”, “_cards_2_link”: “field_5c7d5d2a4fdf1”, “cards_2_link_text”: “”, “_cards_2_link_text”: “field_5c7d5d314fdf2”, “cards_2_link_style”: “btn-link”, “_cards_2_link_style”: “field_5c7d5d544fdf3”, “cards_2_footer”: “”, “_cards_2_footer”: “field_5c80543ba2fdb”, “cards_2_card_fancybox_mode”: “0”, “_cards_2_card_fancybox_mode”: “field_5c994c1a32e8a_field_5c9939bb7963b”, “cards_3_icon”: 1192, “_cards_3_icon”: “field_5c7d5cd64fdf0”, “cards_3_title”: “Mindfulness”, “_cards_3_title”: “field_5c7d71caeb392”, “cards_3_content”: “

Keep learning and growing.\r\nTake a class, see an informative presentation, learn something new at one of our educational opportunities!”, “_cards_3_content”: “field_5c672ba7b7c6e”, “cards_3_link”: “”, “_cards_3_link”: “field_5c7d5d2a4fdf1”, “cards_3_link_text”: “”, “_cards_3_link_text”: “field_5c7d5d314fdf2”, “cards_3_link_style”: “btn-link”, “_cards_3_link_style”: “field_5c7d5d544fdf3”, “cards_3_footer”: “”, “_cards_3_footer”: “field_5c80543ba2fdb”, “cards_3_card_fancybox_mode”: “0”, “_cards_3_card_fancybox_mode”: “field_5c994c1a32e8a_field_5c9939bb7963b”, “cards_4_icon”: 1214, “_cards_4_icon”: “field_5c7d5cd64fdf0”, “cards_4_title”: “Exercise”, “_cards_4_title”: “field_5c7d71caeb392”, “cards_4_content”: “

Get strong, feel amazing!\r\nWe know that a sedentary lifestyle is unhealthy! Join in our exercise classes or utilize our senior-friendly equipment on your own.”, “_cards_4_content”: “field_5c672ba7b7c6e”, “cards_4_link”: “”, “_cards_4_link”: “field_5c7d5d2a4fdf1”, “cards_4_link_text”: “”, “_cards_4_link_text”: “field_5c7d5d314fdf2”, “cards_4_link_style”: “btn-link”, “_cards_4_link_style”: “field_5c7d5d544fdf3”, “cards_4_footer”: “”, “_cards_4_footer”: “field_5c80543ba2fdb”, “cards_4_card_fancybox_mode”: “0”, “_cards_4_card_fancybox_mode”: “field_5c994c1a32e8a_field_5c9939bb7963b”, “cards_5_icon”: 1218, “_cards_5_icon”: “field_5c7d5cd64fdf0”, “cards_5_title”: “Transportation”, “_cards_5_title”: “field_5c7d71caeb392”, “cards_5_content”: “

Let’s go for a ride.\r\nA quick call to the front desk is all it takes to schedule a ride to your destination.”, “_cards_5_content”: “field_5c672ba7b7c6e”, “cards_5_link”: “”, “_cards_5_link”: “field_5c7d5d2a4fdf1”, “cards_5_link_text”: “Learn More”, “_cards_5_link_text”: “field_5c7d5d314fdf2”, “cards_5_link_style”: “btn-link”, “_cards_5_link_style”: “field_5c7d5d544fdf3”, “cards_5_footer”: “”, “_cards_5_footer”: “field_5c80543ba2fdb”, “cards_5_card_fancybox_mode”: “0”, “_cards_5_card_fancybox_mode”: “field_5c994c1a32e8a_field_5c9939bb7963b”, “cards_6_icon”: 826, “_cards_6_icon”: “field_5c7d5cd64fdf0”, “cards_6_title”: “Intergenerationality”, “_cards_6_title”: “field_5c7d71caeb392”, “cards_6_content”: “

What’s that, Sonny?\r\nSeniors and children together is not only charming, it’s proven beneficial to the entire family! Bring the kids, we love ’em!”, “_cards_6_content”: “field_5c672ba7b7c6e”, “cards_6_link”: “”, “_cards_6_link”: “field_5c7d5d2a4fdf1”, “cards_6_link_text”: “”, “_cards_6_link_text”: “field_5c7d5d314fdf2”, “cards_6_link_style”: “btn-link”, “_cards_6_link_style”: “field_5c7d5d544fdf3”, “cards_6_footer”: “”, “_cards_6_footer”: “field_5c80543ba2fdb”, “cards_6_card_fancybox_mode”: “0”, “_cards_6_card_fancybox_mode”: “field_5c994c1a32e8a_field_5c9939bb7963b”, “cards_7_icon”: 2913, “_cards_7_icon”: “field_5c7d5cd64fdf0”, “cards_7_title”: “Volunteerism”, “_cards_7_title”: “field_5c7d71caeb392”, “cards_7_content”: “

Giving back.\r\nVolunteering means that residents not only can give back, it also provides a sense of purpose and satisfaction!”, “_cards_7_content”: “field_5c672ba7b7c6e”, “cards_7_link”: “”, “_cards_7_link”: “field_5c7d5d2a4fdf1”, “cards_7_link_text”: “”, “_cards_7_link_text”: “field_5c7d5d314fdf2”, “cards_7_link_style”: “btn-link”, “_cards_7_link_style”: “field_5c7d5d544fdf3”, “cards_7_footer”: “”, “_cards_7_footer”: “field_5c80543ba2fdb”, “cards_7_card_fancybox_mode”: “0”, “_cards_7_card_fancybox_mode”: “field_5c994c1a32e8a_field_5c9939bb7963b”, “cards”: 8, “_cards”: “field_5c672ba1b7c6d”, “block_insert_accent_image”: “0”, “_block_insert_accent_image”: “field_5ca4ba0da2c1b”, “block”: “”, “_block”: “field_5ca4e5a3e5a54” }, “align”: “center”, “mode”: “edit” } /–>

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