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This is what work should feel like.\r\n

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Become the leader you always wanted.\r\n

There are two questions that are vital for a great working relationship. Are you the right person for the job and are we the right company for you?”, “_cards_0_content”: “field_5c672ba7b7c6e”, “cards_0_link”: “https:\/\/vitaliasolon.com\/contact\/join-our-team\/culture\/”, “_cards_0_link”: “field_5c7d5d2a4fdf1”, “cards_0_link_text”: “Learn More”, “_cards_0_link_text”: “field_5c7d5d314fdf2”, “cards_0_link_style”: “btn-link”, “_cards_0_link_style”: “field_5c7d5d544fdf3”, “cards_0_footer”: “”, “_cards_0_footer”: “field_5c80543ba2fdb”, “cards_0_card_fancybox_mode”: “0”, “_cards_0_card_fancybox_mode”: “field_5c994c1a32e8a_field_5c9939bb7963b”, “cards_1_icon”: 3203, “_cards_1_icon”: “field_5c7d5cd64fdf0”, “cards_1_title”: “Benefits”, “_cards_1_title”: “field_5c7d71caeb392”, “cards_1_content”: “

The tools you need for a full life.\r\n

VITALIA® is a collection of people with a common mission, but we are so much more than that. We are friends and family, and we know that life extends beyond work hours. Financial compensation is just part of what we offer. Learn more about the personal and professional benefits available to employees.”, “_cards_1_content”: “field_5c672ba7b7c6e”, “cards_1_link”: “https:\/\/vitaliasolon.com\/contact\/join-our-team\/employee-benefits\/”, “_cards_1_link”: “field_5c7d5d2a4fdf1”, “cards_1_link_text”: “Learn More”, “_cards_1_link_text”: “field_5c7d5d314fdf2”, “cards_1_link_style”: “btn-link”, “_cards_1_link_style”: “field_5c7d5d544fdf3”, “cards_1_footer”: “”, “_cards_1_footer”: “field_5c80543ba2fdb”, “cards_1_card_fancybox_mode”: “0”, “_cards_1_card_fancybox_mode”: “field_5c994c1a32e8a_field_5c9939bb7963b”, “cards_2_icon”: 2069, “_cards_2_icon”: “field_5c7d5cd64fdf0”, “cards_2_title”: “Testimonials”, “_cards_2_title”: “field_5c7d71caeb392”, “cards_2_content”: “

But Don’t Take Our Word for it.\r\n

Learn about working at VITALIA® from people who show up every day. We can say a bunch of fancy words, but we would rather be authentic from the start. Find out more from other Arrow employees!”, “_cards_2_content”: “field_5c672ba7b7c6e”, “cards_2_link”: “https:\/\/vitaliasolon.com\/contact\/join-our-team\/testimonials\/”, “_cards_2_link”: “field_5c7d5d2a4fdf1”, “cards_2_link_text”: “Learn More”, “_cards_2_link_text”: “field_5c7d5d314fdf2”, “cards_2_link_style”: “btn-link”, “_cards_2_link_style”: “field_5c7d5d544fdf3”, “cards_2_footer”: “”, “_cards_2_footer”: “field_5c80543ba2fdb”, “cards_2_card_fancybox_mode”: “0”, “_cards_2_card_fancybox_mode”: “field_5c994c1a32e8a_field_5c9939bb7963b”, “cards”: 3, “_cards”: “field_5c672ba1b7c6d”, “block_insert_accent_image”: “0”, “_block_insert_accent_image”: “field_5ca4ba0da2c1b”, “block”: “”, “_block”: “field_5ca4e5a3e5a54” }, “align”: “center”, “mode”: “preview”, “wpClassName”: “wp-block-acf-cardset aligncenter” } /–>

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Who is Arrow Senior Living?

Learn how a ragtag team of consultants went from traveling to distressed senior communities to managing properties across the continental U.S., and find out how our experiences shaped our core values and unique management style.


6050 Kruse Drive

Solon, OH 44139

Arrow Senior Living serves and employs individuals of all faiths, regardless of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age or handicap, except as limited by state and federal law.