Personal Choice

Circumstances had made it difficult for William to live the life he wanted, but he still came to us with a goal in mind – to walk again. He worked closely with our Wellness Director to create a detailed plan of short and long term goals, based around his personal preferences, that brought life back within reach.

Often times, the only thing we can control in life is how we respond, but situations can make it hard to dream. At The Fremont, our goal is to support each of our residents and remove the worries that may hold them back from dreaming.

Benefits of the “point system” of care

Generating care costs using an individualized system can seem overwhelming at first. However, once you have the opportunity to review your own personalized plan, the benefits immediately become clear.

TRANSPARENCY & Communication

Know what you are paying for and the peace of mind that you only pay for what you receive.

agile & cost efficient

Charging residents a premium for care may be profitable for businesses in the short term – but that’s no recipe for long term relationships. Point-based systems are more cost-efficient, allowing residents to increase or decrease their care on an as-needed basis.

<!– wp:acf/cardgroup { "id": "block_5cc742de7c782", "data": { "card_group_title": "Working together to care for the whole person", "_card_group_title": "field_5c951ceaba076", "card_groups_0_title": "", "_card_groups_0_title": "field_5c951c35fa0ff", "card_groups_0_cards_0_title": "Physical", "_card_groups_0_cards_0_title": "field_5c951c190b6b5", "card_groups_0_cards_0_content": "Physical care is about far more than just helping residents with personal care needs. Our bodies require the services of the entire community – sustenance from culinary, exercise with resident services, and sometimes even additional help from an outside agency like physical therapy.", "_card_groups_0_cards_0_content": "field_5c951c190b74e", "card_groups_0_cards_0_link": "", "_card_groups_0_cards_0_link": "field_5c951c190b7e6", "card_groups_0_cards_0_link_text": "", "_card_groups_0_cards_0_link_text": "field_5c951c190b87e", "card_groups_0_cards_0_link_style": "btn-link", "_card_groups_0_cards_0_link_style": "field_5c951c190b90f", "card_groups_0_cards_0_footer": "", "_card_groups_0_cards_0_footer": "field_5c951c190b9b5", "card_groups_0_cards_1_title": "Mental", "_card_groups_0_cards_1_title": "field_5c951c190b6b5", "card_groups_0_cards_1_content": "Living and enjoying life are, unfortunately, not always the same thing. Holistic care is about engaging with the kind of activity you find stimulating. From intellectual events like Coffee & Conversation to opportunities for continuing education, we are focused on the mental wellness of residents. For residents with memory loss, our support systems are focused on maximizing each resident's independence.", "_card_groups_0_cards_1_content": "field_5c951c190b74e", "card_groups_0_cards_1_link": "", "_card_groups_0_cards_1_link": "field_5c951c190b7e6", "card_groups_0_cards_1_link_text": "", "_card_groups_0_cards_1_link_text": "field_5c951c190b87e", "card_groups_0_cards_1_link_style": "btn-link", "_card_groups_0_cards_1_link_style": "field_5c951c190b90f", "card_groups_0_cards_1_footer": "", "_card_groups_0_cards_1_footer": "field_5c951c190b9b5", "card_groups_0_cards_2_title": "Social", "_card_groups_0_cards_2_title": "field_5c951c190b6b5", "card_groups_0_cards_2_content": "Social interaction is a biological imperative, bottom line. Whether you are a social butterfly or a private person, know you have the support of a community of residents and staff interested in your wellbeing.”, “_card_groups_0_cards_2_content”: “field_5c951c190b74e”, “card_groups_0_cards_2_link”: “”, “_card_groups_0_cards_2_link”: “field_5c951c190b7e6”, “card_groups_0_cards_2_link_text”: “”, “_card_groups_0_cards_2_link_text”: “field_5c951c190b87e”, “card_groups_0_cards_2_link_style”: “btn-link”, “_card_groups_0_cards_2_link_style”: “field_5c951c190b90f”, “card_groups_0_cards_2_footer”: “”, “_card_groups_0_cards_2_footer”: “field_5c951c190b9b5”, “card_groups_0_cards_3_title”: “Spiritual”, “_card_groups_0_cards_3_title”: “field_5c951c190b6b5”, “card_groups_0_cards_3_content”: “Regardless of your faith or religion, spiritual support is a core function of living a happy, healthy, independent life. Holistic care means providing residents the opportunity to express and participate in events that are spiritually fulfilling.”, “_card_groups_0_cards_3_content”: “field_5c951c190b74e”, “card_groups_0_cards_3_link”: “”, “_card_groups_0_cards_3_link”: “field_5c951c190b7e6”, “card_groups_0_cards_3_link_text”: “”, “_card_groups_0_cards_3_link_text”: “field_5c951c190b87e”, “card_groups_0_cards_3_link_style”: “btn-link”, “_card_groups_0_cards_3_link_style”: “field_5c951c190b90f”, “card_groups_0_cards_3_footer”: “”, “_card_groups_0_cards_3_footer”: “field_5c951c190b9b5”, “card_groups_0_cards_4_title”: “Emotional”, “_card_groups_0_cards_4_title”: “field_5c951c190b6b5”, “card_groups_0_cards_4_content”: “Chronic depression is an epidemic among the elderly in our country. Senior living is the best of few real solutions. Our environment is specifically created to support and care for the physical, mental, social, and spiritual needs of each resident. Our aim is to create an atmosphere that encourages curiosity, interest, engagement, and joy.”, “_card_groups_0_cards_4_content”: “field_5c951c190b74e”, “card_groups_0_cards_4_link”: “”, “_card_groups_0_cards_4_link”: “field_5c951c190b7e6”, “card_groups_0_cards_4_link_text”: “”, “_card_groups_0_cards_4_link_text”: “field_5c951c190b87e”, “card_groups_0_cards_4_link_style”: “btn-link”, “_card_groups_0_cards_4_link_style”: “field_5c951c190b90f”, “card_groups_0_cards_4_footer”: “”, “_card_groups_0_cards_4_footer”: “field_5c951c190b9b5”, “card_groups_0_cards”: 5, “_card_groups_0_cards”: “field_5c951c19064d3”, “card_groups”: 1, “_card_groups”: “field_5c951c2dfa0fe” }, “name”: “acf\/cardgroup”, “align”: “center”, “mode”: “auto” } /–>


6050 Kruse Drive

Solon, OH 44139

Arrow Senior Living serves and employs individuals of all faiths, regardless of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age or handicap, except as limited by state and federal law.