Spring Cleaning Week

Plans are in place for activities associated with spring cleaning at VITALIA Active Adult Community® – Solon Solon, OH. Work will be completed both inside and outside. A big part of the job will be washing the windows and refreshing the carpets. Outside, the grounds will be scoured for debris and garbage that collected over the winter. At home, I’ll take my custom computer apart and thoroughly clean inside and out. I’ll also open the windows to do a complete air exchange.

The benefits of spring cleaning are it opens the door to spring and summer! A good cleaning cuts down on allergens and gives a great refresh to both the inside and outside. After a long, cold winter with everything closed and stuffy, it’s a great opportunity to clean the corners, move the dust out, and let some fresh air in.

Besides the spring cleaning I’ll be doing at work and home, I will also do a complete detail of my car. I also plan to quit smoking. I’m going to save the money I would normally spend and put it toward a new desk for my custom computer to set on.